15 reasons why you should Date a Mechanic


Yes, his hands can be greasy. Assuming the mechanic requesting out rinses his hands usually, there’s no cause to miss on a dinner for two with this tradesman.

1. Your car is going to run efficiently — more or less permanently.

2. Mechanics aren’t afraid of obtaining filthy.

3. Aspects are good making use of their hands.

4. You should have entry to guidance, tool sets, and hard-to-find free elements.

5. Mechanics tend to be optimists. They do not get rid of damaged things; rather they look at potential in every single portion.

6. Auto mechanics are liable and reliable. Other people believe the date because of their individual protection on your way.

7. The time improves the schedules of other people, helping them reach where they want to get.

8. Mechanics work effectively under some pressure. Additionally they work very well with pressure — practically.

9. Auto mechanics are upwards for challenging, always interested in a chance to enhance a design.

10. Auto mechanics are interesting and consistently mastering. They take situations aside in order to understand how things function.

11. You will have the chance to make improper jokes about overall performance.

12. Auto mechanics tend to be chronic and require getting the work done right.

13. Aspects care about top quality, double-checking their particular work.

14. Aspects invest their times covered in fat. They know how-to clean up really.

15. Aspects comprehend protection method therefore the requirement for sufficient safety.